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Additional Modifications for Custom Cricket Shoe Conversions

Stitching The Sole Plate To The Shoe

Custom Cricket Shoes recommends stitching the sole plate to the shoe in all cases but it is essential for fast bowlers, wicket keepers and all shoes with medium or hard density sole plates. This is ensures prolonged durability of your custom cricket shoes.

Shoes with softer, lightweight sole plates such as those for spin bowlers and batters can be customised without stitching, however continual bending of the shoe can cause the bond to weaken.

Sole stitching requires grooving of the material and special heavy duty sole stitching machine to penetrate sometimes 40-50mm of rubber. We provide this service at our cost price only to ensure that your shoes the toughest they can be for the best price.

Always Included

Front Foot Cutout for the Big Toe

This is a classic modification for the front foot big toe area which can rub on the end of the shoe during the delivery and cause nail and skin problems. For custom in-house modifications, Custom Cricket Shoes measures the area around the big toenail and cut this part of the shoe out.

We then use soft, white kangaroo leather to repair the edges of the cutout, and glue and stitch this in place. We lengthen the interior leather piece and hammer the edges to reduce irritation of the toe against the aperture.

Price $45

Achilles Tendon Relief Cutout

Occasionally cricketers develop irritation in the achilles tendon or at the back of the heel where the achilles attaches. This can from direct irritation from the shoe, bursitis or unrelated medical conditions such as inflammatory arthritis.

If you require the stability of an extra depth shoe or boot such as these pictured but have developed irritation around the achilles then Custom Cricket Shoes can modify the shoe by removing part of the heel counter and finished with soft leather and a special padded material called plastazote.

This may help prolong your career if you have achilles problems. The podiatrists at my FootDr™ podiatry centres will oversee this process.

Price $50

What Is A Tuff Toe™ Application?

Tuff Toe™ is an abrasion, chemical, and water resistant polyurethane adhesive specially designed to provide long-term protection for your shoes. Your shoes will withstand more wear and tear, making them last for longer, especially during those long games.


Price $35

Relasting / Shoe Widening

Custom Cricket Shoes can make any foot fit any shoe... Well, just about. If your feet are too wide for your current brand of shoe then our pedorthists can modify the shoes by adding a wedge of rubber at the same density as the midsole of your shoe.

This process is called "relasting" and is commonly done in medical grade footwear modifications. It is a time consuming and delicate process but well worth it for the broadest footed cricketers.

Price $100

3D Scan / Foam Impression Of Your Feet

If you chose to have custom foot orthotics made for your shoes, we will need either a digital 3D scan or foam impression of your feet contours.

You can visit one of our My FootDr Podiatry to have your foot scanned digitally, or we can send you a foam impression box for you to return to us with the completed shoe modifications form.

Price $199